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Either litigation and non litigation both are our specialization. Whatever the case is, we assist and represent clients with the highest professionalism standard.

Our approach is to initially reach an early comprehensive understanding of a client's concern and goals. We then evaluate the factual and legal settings, and formulate a strategy designed to accomplish the client's goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.

- Corporate, Trade and Commercial Litigation

DHP Law Firm specialized itself in handling cases corporate, trade and commercial litigation, which generally are civil cases. We assist the clients from the early stage of negotiation, up to giving due process in Court up to Supreme Court.

- Criminal Issues

The Firm offers it best efforts to serve the clients in the legal proceedings for criminal cases, such as corruption, criminal cases in banking, land, trading, business, etc, from District Court up to Supreme Court, also in Police Department and Public Prosecutor for criminal procedures.

- General Corporate

The Lawyer in our office have years of experience in many aspect of general corporate matters. The wide range of subject in the area is including starting-up company transaction, partnership, contract negotiation and drafting, also corporate maintenance responsibility which is fair for our clients.

- Banking

We give legal opinion on bad debt, internal banking, facility loan, credit syndication, and various aspect of guarantees. We also expert banking litigation, handling guarantee execution up to auction process, handling bad debt and other problems related to banking litigation. In addition, we give legal opinion such as due diligence for bank merger and acquisition.

In representing our clients, we carry out related registrations and filling for various loan projects, such as foreign debt registrations, external security registrations, mortgage registrations and pledge registrations.

- Insurance

The Firm's extensive insurance practice covers both the defense of insured parties in liability actions. It includes advice to and representation of insurers and policyholders on a wide variety of first-and third-party coverage issues. We also handle litigation cases related to all aspects of insurance.

- Labor

Our lawyers advice their clients on all aspect of employment and labor law. We act for employers and employees in wrongful dismissal claim in all courts, before various administrative hearing and interpreting employment contracts.

We help employers negotiate and interpret collective agreements. Emphasizing in the fairness of both employees sides, we advise clients on the application of legislation in employment and human right code.

- Agency and Distributorship

The Firm has a broad experience in handling problems in agency and distributorship, including making documents of agreements, making registration in related Department and handling disputes among the agents, distributor sand principal.

- Investment

The Firm gives the clients consultation regarding investment in Indonesia and all of its related matters. The Firm provide legal opinion on investment, as well as making and revising investment agreements.

- Arbitration

We advice clients negotiating commercial agreements on strategic issues relating to choice of law and forum and on dispute resolution processes, also an rules suited to the clients business needs. We represent clients in arbitration forums, including Indonesian Agency of National Arbitration (BANI), ICC Court of Arbitration, etc.

- Intellectual Property Issue

In the era when intellectual property becomes greatly valuable, we have been doing numerous assistance and services for individuals and institutions that concern with their intellectual properties. The legal and professional representation of our clients is complemented by our personal involvement with clients and our willingness to be flexible in the manner in which we approach our client's projects.

- Public Health Law

We represent the individuals who have public health case in the steps of solving problems, and also in litigation process.

- Family Law

Like all aspect's of human's life has its typical problems. Consequently, in this area, people need preventive acts toward those matters, as well as representative ones in solving problems emerged. We concern with this matters, then provide services from premarital agreement to divorce proceedings.

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