Prof. Ida Bagus Rachmadi Supancana

Bachelor or Law, University of Indonesia

Master of Law, University of Indonesia

Doctor of Law, University of Leiden

Prof. Ida Bagus Rachmadi Supancana was born in Bandung, December 12th , 1958. A law professor that achieve his Law degree in International Law in Law Faculty of Padjajaran University (Universitas Pajajaran), Bandung, Master of Law in Economy Business and Law in University of Indonesia (Universitas Indonesia) and Doctor of Law in University of Law, Netherlands.

Well experienced in arbitration practice in some international arbitration, have experiences as expert witness and independent commissioner in several private companies.

As a researcher and expert consultant in several government institution, namely National Law Development Board (Badan Pembinaan Hukum Nasional), National Development and Planning Board (Badan Perencanaan dan Pembangunan Nasional), Ministry of Communication and Information (Departemen Komunikasi dan Informasi), Ministry of Transportation (Departemen Perhubungan), Ministry of Law and Human Rights (Departemen Hukum dan Hak Asasi Manusia), and other government institutions.

Regularly, he produces papers, articles and scientific journals in various both national and international medias. In addition, he has written several books publishing his research, regulations compilation and scientific exposure since 1993.